We are Emons

Each of those three words has an important meaning and forms a balanced part of this concept.

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‘We' stands for ‘together’: not me, not you, but us together. The best results are obtained by a group of people working together. 'We' is all colleagues together! From driver to board member, everyone is important! We do the work that needs to be done together and we determine the success of the company together.

'We’ also stands for the power that flows from variety and diversity: men and women, people with various types of knowledge and experience, colleagues of various nationalities, as well as 'white' and 'blue' collars. This diverse group of people treat each other based on respect and appreciation, knowing that everyone contributes to the achievement of the maximum feasible end-result. And that makes everyone important.


‘Are’ stands for performance, because it’s done by people. It’s true that Emons develops the most innovative logistic resources, i.e. special trailers, but the provision of services accompanying those resources is performed by people. The people determine the quality and make the difference, those people are the service and with that they are Emons. The people make the difference between an average, poor or very good performance of services.

Emons Driver coach

We are Emons


Finally, ‘Emons’ represents the whole. Of course, the Group consists of various 'brands' and companies, with each a number of different branches and departments. But together they are ‘Emons’. In good and bad times, and that’s how it should be. Together we strive for the same goal: building a healthy company based on sustainable logistic niche products and a high-quality provision of services. We are proud of that strategy and the results arising from it.